Who are these nerds with benefits anyway?

Our story.

At Upside, we are the “Nerds with Benefits” for business service providers. Working with us means laughing, listening and building something great together. Because at Upside, we believe good design starts with understanding and ends with a smile.

We are a free-range, artisan, animal-tested team, with nerdy, quirky, lovely and funny people. People who are also pretty good at what they do, which is building kick-ass websites.

Sure, we’re too honest, pretty opinionated and whine about every pixel. But in return, we work really hard – way too hard, in fact – to give you what you need: a website that makes your customers happy. Which makes you happy. Which in turn makes us happy. So if you choose Upside, you know the downsides .

Our mission is to make the Internet a nicer place – one website at a time. We do this by creating websites that are relevant, provide a great user experience and help visitors achieve their goals.

what we dont do

Quickly cobble together a themed website

You cannot be distinctive with a thirteen-in-a-dozen website. Customization costs something, but delivers much more.

Going over budget and missing the deadline

We work with fixed project prices. And as long as you don’t change the scope, fixed is really fixed. And deadlines? They are sacred to us.

Taking ourselves too seriously


what we do

Creating Upsides

A converting website should move your business forward. Whether that’s by attracting more and better customers, or saving FTEs by taking care of business. Anything for an upside.


We don’t stare blindly at design awards. Sure, a little recognition is nice. But, we design for your clients, not for our peers. Because that’s where the upside lies.

Communicating clearly

Developers who never answer the phone? They don’t work here. Our people are people people. Just, sociable people who are happy to give you a hand when needed.

Since 2017, we have been making good progress on the digital front. Our customized approach has led to a lot of upsides. This results in a nice list of clients, including:

Achmea, Alfa College, Apto Architecten, Autogrill, Byner, Charco & Dique, Dux, Engel Architecten, HMS Host, Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Info, Kinwell, Ministerie van Volksgezondheid, Welzijn en Sport, Nexler, OnlyHuman, PBN, Planadigm, Remails, Roze Zaterdag, RTRN, Ruler, StoneCycling, TNO, Umon, Van der Valk Shipyard, Veiligheidsregio Groningen, Wolterinck Design Studio.

"Upside understands like no other the added value a website should have. We are also extremely satisfied with the communication throughout the process. Besides, the website is beautifully designed!"
Martijn Roorda Nexler
"Upside created something for PBN that other agencies couldn't. A system that makes us agile and saves us a lot of money. The Upside team makes clear agreements and schedules and always adheres to them."
Rick Slabbers PBN

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