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The brand agency RTRN complements the new corporate identity with a new website


Brand agency RTRN went for a rebranding itself. And, of course, a rebranding calls for a new website. RTRN is not entirely unknown to us; we often collaborate on projects. They knew exactly what to expect from us. The goal of RTRN’s new website is to add extra depth to the brand. Thanks to subtle animations, your attention is naturally guided through the site without being distracting. Curious to see if it succeeded? Judge for yourself!

The solution

On the website of a branding agency, the portfolio naturally takes center stage. For RTRN, it’s essential to be able to thoroughly explain cases using text, images, and videos. Thanks to an extensive range of building blocks, RTRN’s designers have the ability to publish inspiring case studies within minutes.

Upside, a cool team that goes beyond just creating pixel-perfect websites. They dare to be critical where necessary. They don't think from a technical perspective but from what a website needs to do. With Upside, you're in good company.
Bart Bleeker RTRN