The family-owned Telecom Service Group is getting a new name: Kinwell. As an ICT company in Leek, Heerhugowaard, and Zwolle, they connect businesses.

At Kinwell, there was some initial hesitation about working with a WordPress agency. They had concerns about using numerous plugins, fearing that it might lead to issues like layout shifts after updates or, even worse, the website not working at all. These concerns were valid, as excessive plugin use can indeed pose such risks. Fortunately, our developers have the capability to develop many of the functionalities for which plugins are typically used, reducing the need for a large number of plugins to a minimum. The result is this sleekly designed corporate website, with credit to RTRN for the design.

A new custom website for both new and existing customers

The new Kinwell website is designed to cater to both new and existing customers. With various call-to-actions, the sales and marketing team can convert visitors into leads, while the 24/7 Service Desk provides support to existing customers.

Upsides & highlights

  • New domain name while preserving ranking
  • A protected section within the website for reporting outages by the service team
  • Number of plugins minimized for maximum stability
"It was exciting to launch a completely new website alongside our new brand, Kinwell. Upside guided us excellently through this process. From the start to the go-live, they took us through the process step by step and communicated clearly about the progress. The result is a beautifully designed website that is a pleasure to navigate!"
Gretha de Vries‑Pastoor Kinwell
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