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ATS Byner is Ready for International Growth with a Scalable Website

Byner is more than an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Byner is the SaaS solution that allows staffing and recruitment companies to manage their entire organization. Starting as Salesforce consultants for the same industry, the founders saw an opportunity to develop a better solution. This led to the creation of Byner, built on the Salesforce platform. They have since transitioned from implementation consultants to a full-fledged software company.

The Challenge

As a newcomer in the market, the primary goal was to effectively communicate the comprehensiveness of Byner’s software to potential customers, thereby increasing the number of demo requests. Additionally, the website needed to be easy to manage to support future growth.

The Solution

We implemented the new corporate identity into a brand-new WordPress website for a consistent look and feel. Given that Byner is continuously evolving and has ambitions for international growth, we designed the website to be scalable. With our unique Web System – a component-based system for fast-growing companies – Byner now has all the tools needed for both current and future needs.


The new website provides Byner with a strong foundation for further growth and international expansion. The management and scalability of the site are straightforward and efficient, ensuring Byner is well-prepared for future developments and expansions.

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Byner website features door Upside
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