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This is how the consultants of Charco & Dique became knowledge leaders on the internet

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How do you become an authority in your field? Start by setting up a website with distinctive branding, attract experts to bring in the right professional knowledge, and create weekly content to give away for free. That’s exactly what Charco & Dique did with their website. And you can see it in the results: within a year of launching, the number of organic visitors doubled.

Expert-Driven Content Leads to Excellent SEO Ranking

The custom-made WordPress website is a cross-pollination of various types of content. This includes articles, wikis, whitepapers, downloadable content, podcasts, and case studies. What makes this site unique is that each type of content is directly linked to one or more consultants who specialize in regulations and legislation for financial institutions.

This linkage is valuable not only for visitors, who get direct insight into the consultants’ expertise, but also for search engines. It signals that the content is written by a recognized expert in the field. This has resulted in an excellent search engine ranking, making the website now considered a leading source in the sector.

Upsides & highlights
100% more organic visitors (SEO) in the first year
10% decrease in the Bounce Rate
36% increase in the conversion rate
I've been working incredibly well with Ron and Sander from Upside for years. They've not only helped us develop three high-performing custom websites for our consultancy, training institute, and SaaS, but they also serve as my regular sounding board. They respond quickly, are always ready with expert advice, and proactively brainstorm with the organization. A top-notch team to work with!
Marieke Blankenstein Charco & Dique