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Veiligheidsregio Groningen launches accessible website with innovative live blog

Services provided

For a safety region, it is essential to keep residents safe and well-informed. This is a core task of the communication department of Veiligheidsregio Groningen, where the website plays a crucial role.

The challenge

The previous WordPress theme left much to be desired: unsolvable technical issues, the inability for reporters to report live, and inadequate accessibility were prominent issues. Upside, in collaboration with RTRN, provided the solution with a custom-made website designed to effectively address these challenges.

The solution

Scalable, accessible, secure: these characterize the new website of Veiligheidsregio Groningen. The site is designed modularly, enabling the communication team to efficiently create pages, publish news, and share meeting documents—all without the need for a developer.

As a semi-governmental organization, the website complies with the WCAG 2.1 AA-toegankelijkheidsnorm, making it also accessible to people with disabilities. Thanks to our custom-written code, we ensure full compliance with these standards.

Security is also a crucial aspect. Through a comprehensive penetration test, conducted by ethical hackers, we have identified and addressed all potential risks.

Independent live blog as an alternative to Twitter/X

In response to the recent changes at Twitter, which made the platform less accessible for users without an account, Veiligheidsregio Groningen has opted for independence. The primary platform for live reporting, previously reliant on Twitter and later X, is now replaced by its own, independent live blog.

Our developers have transformed the WordPress website to support this new live blog functionality. Reporters now have access to a special section on the site, where they can post real-time updates during an incident. These updates can not only be shared on the usual social media platforms but, thanks to our innovative custom solution, they can also be embedded on external websites. This strengthens their mission to provide a direct and accessible communication channel for both the community and the media.